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Regardless of age or ability, there is an exercise class that's right for you and it will make you look great and feel better!  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for any of our classes today - there's even a free trial for Ladies Circuits.

Fitness Burst Bootcamp

I've decided to bring the Fitness Burst Bootcamp to Wickham Community Centre and offer the opportunity for you to join a team of members wanting to improve flexibility over joints, work on lower back strength, shape the belly, legs and back and improve fitness overall. This is a 10 weeks course design to help each individual based on their own needs (not just a common class) and you'll be advised on technique and levels on intensity for your own ability. This is great for all ages and abilities.
This is a 10 weeks course, running every Monday 7-8PM. Each week will deliver progressions and advice for individuals to assure everyone is getting results.
Please text Michaela on 07443925205 to request info or reserve a space. 
Limited spaces available, first come first served basis. 


Carrie runs Pilates each Friday; there are two classes starting at 9.00 am and again at 10.00 am but also a Wednesday evening class at 7 pm.  For details call her on 01329 832650

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